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With the New Headquarter Set in Futian Shenzhen, Evergreen Therapeutics Ushered in a New Stage of Rapid Development
Source:Egpharm Date: May,2021 Views: 227

On May 6, 2021, Shenzhen Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. has set its new headquarter in the Radio and Television Financial Center in Futian, Shenzhen. The new site overlooks the top of Lianhua Mountain in the north and is backed by the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone ("Hetao"). The location will be more beneficial to Evergreen's internationalization and financing activities.


In December 2020, the Greater Bay Area Center for Drug Evaluation of National Medical Products Administration was established in Shenzhen's "Hetao". Shenzhen will once again usher in opportunities for the development of biomedical innovation. For this, Dr. Du Tao, Chairman of Evergreen Therapeutics said, “The Greater Bay Area Center of National Medical Products Administration has been established in Shenzhen Hetao. And Evergreen Therapeutics has entered into a new stage of rapid development. We moved to a new location, which is like moving into a new airport, we will take off from Futian, Shenzhen."


Evergreen Therapeutics' headquarter relocation is another milestone since it completed Series A financing of RMB 100 million in mid-March this year. Recently, Evergreen's in-house innovative drug EG-007 for the treatment of endometrial cancer has completed pre-IND communication with FDA, and Evergreen applied for Phase II/Phase III clinical trials in July this year. In addition, there will be a number of licensed innovative drugs in the product pipeline.