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The First Offline Meeting of Evergreen USA Team was Held to Review Achievements and Look into the Future
Source:Egpharm Date: Oct,2021 Views: 327

On October 18-19, 2021, Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. held its first offline meeting at the US headquarters since the outbreak in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Du Tao, Chairman of the Board, Dr. Du Xin, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Li Changqing, Chief Medical Officer, COO Kevin Wang, CFO Julia Lu, Clinical and preclinical Division Director, senior consultant of the company and former senior FDA officer Dr. Florence Houn and other members of Evergreen's consulting team attended the meeting.



Figure 1: The first meeting of Evergreen's team, department directors and consultants

Under the chairmanship of Dr. Du Xin, the meeting reviewed the excellent achievements of Evergreen pharmaceutical in the past two years; Dr. Li Changqing, chief Medical Officer, made a systematic and detailed introduction to the company's pipeline layout and R&D strategy, and the directors of each department, including clinical/preclinical, business cooperation and intellectual property, CMC and legal declaration departments, made detailed work reports one by one. In addition, Dr. Florence Houn, a former FDA review officer, also provided important comments on the pipeline of EG-009 for COVID-19 treatment and suggested directions for the upcoming Phase II and III clinical trials. At the same time, each project leader provided detailed briefings on the progress of existing projects and product pipelines, as well as cross-functional discussions and information integration with Evergreen's consulting team.



Photo 2: Some members of eglin's American team

Evergreen has obtained 15 patents and 46 patent cases in two years, and its R&D pipeline has been expanded to 13, making significant progress. Several pipelines have entered or will enter phase I, II and III clinical trials in the United States, India and some Latin American countries, among which, FDA approval and consent was obtained for 2 phase I, 1 Phase II, and 1 Phase III. All the achievements are due to the hard work and hard work of every member of eglin Medical team. We firmly believe that Evergreen will go further and better, and truly realize the vision of "focusing on clinical needs and achieveing medical value".