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Dr. Xin Du, Former Senior FDA Reviewer, Joined Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. as CEO
Source:Egpharm Date: Jan,2020 Views: 220

On January 1st, 2020, Dr. Xin Du, former FDA senior reviewer, joined Shenzhen Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. as CEO to comprehensively lead the company's R&D. Dr. Du is a drug R&D expert with more than 20 years of biomedical background, and has a rich combination experience of FDA and industry in drug registration and drug development. Heis familiar with FDA and global regulations on drug development, production, quality management, clinical design and testing. At the same time, he has rich experience in drug R&D, and used to workin multiple multinational and Chinese pharmaceutical companies.


Dr. Du Xin was a CMC reviewer in FDA and responsible for reviewing INDs and BLAs of biopharmaceuticals. After that he worked in multinational corporation at Aventis-Pastuer/Sanofi, Wyeth/Pfizer, Novartis, BMS, etc. In more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Du helped companies obtain 4 biopharmaceutical approvals of FDA, 2 biopharmaceutical approvals in the European Union and Canada, and countless IND approvals in the United States, China, the European Union, and other countries. The approved products cover large and small molecules, cells and genes, oncolytic viruses and drug-device combinations, etc. At the same time, Dr Du has an experience in managing marketed drugs in more than 30 countries.


Dr. Du received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida, USA, and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institute of Medicine, USA.