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Evergreen Therapeutics and Baidu AI Cloud Signs Cooperation Agreement To Further Deepen its Foundation on AI Research
Source:Evergreen Date: Jan,2023 Views: 1232

On January 5, the "cloud-intelligence Integration, In-depth Life Science" activity of the life science area, "Intelligent Travel", was successfully held in Shenzhen by Baidu AI Cloud. Nearly a hundred representatives from scientific research institutes, gene technology, well-known biopharmaceutical enterprises, and Internet enterprises attended the meeting. As a leader in the field of AI drug research and development in China, Shenzhen Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. ("Evergreen Therapeutics" or "Evergreen") was invited to attend the said activity and serve as the keynote speaker.


From macro trend, academic frontier, technological innovation, enterprise practice, and intelligent development perspectives, industry experts at the meeting discussed in depth the development of the new path of internet and life science integration, so as to help the life science field move towards a more efficient and intelligent direction.


In order to consolidate the digital foundation of the company's AI drug research and development, Evergreen Therapeutics held a project cooperation signing ceremony with Baidu AI Cloud during the event. As a leading AI biomedicine enterprise in China, Evergreen combines its self-developed "end-to-end" AI research and development platform with its strengths in clinical research and registration regulation to greatly improve the efficiency and success rate of drug research and development. The company focuses on the research and development of its own drugs in the field of self-immunization and ophthalmology and has made rapid progress. Half of its pipelines have been approved by the US FDA, becoming the first Chinese enterprise to advance AI-assisted research and development drugs to the phase II clinical study.


Baidu AI Cloud has ranked first in the AI public cloud service market for four consecutive years. In the field of biological computing, Baidu AI Cloud relies on underlying technologies such as FeiYi, Baidu Brain, and Kunlun Core to form comprehensive solutions covering small molecule drug research and development, protein drug research and development, mRNA vaccine design, precision medicine and other life science fields to build super "computing power" and "intelligence". To Evergreen, this cooperation with Baidu AI Cloud is like adding wings to a tiger. Evergreen will use the Baidu Cloud framework to further strengthen the AI drug research and development platform and promote the intelligent upgrading of drug clinical research and development.