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"First Hetao International Medical Forum" was held in Shenzhen, Where 30 FDA Experts Led the Way to Pharmaceutical Innovation
Source:Egpharm Date: May,2021 Views: 204

From May 14th to May 15th, 2021, the "First Hetao International Medical Forum" was held in Shenzhen; its theme was "Focusing on the Globalization of Medicine and Building a New Height in the Industry". This conference was jointly planned and prepared by Dr. Du Tao, the sitting president of the FDA Expert Association, and professional conference agencies. The agenda of the conference covered chemical and biological drug innovation, the application of AI technology in drug development, strategies in drug clinical trial, cell and gene therapy, companion diagnostic strategies in new drug development, drug registration regulations, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment, etc. The conference also helped to build up the pharmaceutical innovation industry chain in an all-around and multi-dimensional way.


Dr. Du Tao, chairman of Evergreen Therapeutics and president of the FDA Expert Association, believes that the rapid development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry in the past ten years benefited mainly from changes in the drug review system, return of overseas experts, and entry of private capital, which is of epoch significance. Today's pharmaceutical company, regardless of whether a product is listed in China or abroad, faces an international market, global talents, cross-border capital, and global competition. Thanks to policy changes made by the government and National Medical Products Administration, now it is the best time for the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Although Shenzhen's pharmaceutical industry is still second-tier status in China today, with the strong support from Shenzhen city and Hetao local governments, and  high-quality local talent, enterprises, capital, and international development plans, we will help Shenzhen's pharmaceutical industry achieve strong growth potential in the future.