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Partnering with Evergreen

Evergreen Therapeutics is an AI+ quantum computing innovative biotech company with "end-to-end" capabilities from drug target selection to product registration. Evergreen has the knowledge and experience to run a cross-functional AI team spanning chemistry/pharmaceutics, pharmacology/toxicology, non-clinical and clinical study execution, regulatory affairs and applied IT including AI. The company also has established unique databases, developed its own algorithms and computing power which is a challenge for any pharmaceutical company. Evergreen Therapeutics has adopted a new business form in the international pharmaceutical industry. Under this business model, Evergreen actively engages in the research and development of its own drug pipeline while also providing innovative drug development services with its AI capacity.

Artificial intelligence can significantly improve the efficiency of drug research and development, but AI alone cannot pass the "high regulatory" threshold in the United States and Europe or other major regulatory regions. Evergreen can help customers and partners solve difficulties from drug discovery to clinical process in a "one-stop" manner,and provides flexible, efficient R&D solutions based upon its unique combination of AI+ quantum computing R&D platform, comprehensive regulatory experience and clinical development capabilities supportive of global market access. Evergreen is honored to work with various partners from the pharmaceutical industry to support new drug development with "lower cost, faster timeline, with high likelihood of regulatory success.

Our Portfolio of Cooperation
Advisory and Services

Various supportive services and consulting services related to the international drug development of AI+ quantum computing


Evergreen provides drug targets and drug candidates with urgent clinical needs, and in line with the concept of cooperation in joint research and development and risk sharing, the two parties jointly provide post-development costs, and both parties share the relevant rights and interests in specific markets.

Technology Transfer
Evergreen provides the drug target and the candidate drug with urgent clinical needs, and is responsible for advancing the drug to the late clinical stage (phase II or phase III), and then transferring it to the outside world, the partner obtains all future rights and interests, and the partner provides the transfer fee and future sales commission to Evergreen as agreed.

Looking forward to the international market, limited by the domestic medical insurance payment system, the pricing of innovative drugs is bound to be constrained, and it is easy to face the embarrassment of not being able to recover R&D costs under the trend of normalization of collection, therefore, Evergreen relies on its own international advantages to provide solutions and customized services for partners to launch corresponding declaration procedures and clinical trials in the US FDA/European EMA to achieve win-win cooperation between the two sides.

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