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Feb, 2023
Evergreen awarded as “Digital Health Companies China 50” during MIT Technology Review China Forum
On February 17, the 2022 “Digital Health Companies China 50” list was released at the “2023 MIT Technology Review China Future Health” Summit. As one of the most important benchmarks of digital health, the list consists of 50 outstanding healthcare science and technology companies from six major fields that affect digital health. Among the 50, five promising AI-driven biotech companies including Evergreen Therapeutics, Insilico Medicine, XtalPi were recognized by virtue of their outstanding achievements in the field of digitalization of pharmaceutical R&D.Professor Mohamad Sawan (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering) address the forum As a US-China based AI-driven biopharmaceutical company, Evergreen Therapeutics is pioneering and highly differentiated in AI drug R&D. Th
Jan, 2023
Evergreen Therapeutics and Baidu AI Cloud Signs Cooperation Agreement To Further Deepen its Foundation on AI Research
On January 5, the "cloud-intelligence Integration, In-depth Life Science" activity of life science area "Intelligent Travel" was successfully held in Shenzhen by Baidu AI Cloud. Nearly 100 representatives from scientific research institutes, gene technology, well-known biopharmaceutical enterprises and Internet enterprises attended the meeting. Shenzhen Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Evergreen Therapeutics" or "Evergreen") As a leader in the field of AI drug research and development in China, was invited to attend this event and serve as the keynote speaker.                                                Dr. Tao Hu, Director of Pharmaco
Sep, 2022
Awarded "EY Fudan Most Potential Enterprise" in 2022, Evergreen's Business Model and Development Potential Recognized by Authority
On September 15, the "Ernst & Young Fudan Most Potential Enterprise Award Ceremony 2022 and High Growth Enterprise Theme Seminar" hosted by Ernst & Young, the world's leading professional service organization, and the School of Management of Fudan University, a top university in China, kicked off in Shanghai. The "EY Fudan Most Potential Enterprise" list, which has attracted much attention from the industry, was officially announced. After authoritative, professional, and strict screening, Evergreen Therapeutics finally relying on the core founding and management team composed of years of experience in new drug research and development, FDA reviewers, and the industry's top clinical research and development and AI/quantum technology teams, R&D and business models, as well as high-s
Jul, 2022
Evergreen Therapeutics’ Clinical Study Funded by the Special Government Fund of Guangdong Province as Emergency Project for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus
On July 1, 2022, Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Evergreen Therapeutics" or "Evergreen") announced that the approval for Clinical Study of EG-009A for the treatment of cytokine storm caused by COVID-19, which was applied by Evergreen, was funded by the "Guangdong Provincial Emergency Project for Prevention and Control of COVID-19". The "Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Research Emergency Program for Prevention and Control of COVID-19" is led by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province. In order to fully carry out the prevention and control of COVID-19, the program selects and recommends scientific research projects that meet the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Research Emergency Program for prev
May, 2022
Evergreen Therapeutics and HwaGen Pharmaceutical Sign In-depth Cooperation Agreement to Build a New Highland of Medical Innovation
On May 28, 2022, Dr. Tom Du, Chairman of Evergreen Therapeutics and Dr. Charles Lee, CMO of Evergreen Therapeutics attended the "First Academic Forum of HwaGen medical thinks markets 2022" sponsored by HwaGen Pharma. The conference was strongly supported by local governments, industry associations and research institutions.Dr. Tom Du making speech Dr. Charles Lee making speech At the meeting, a number of senior experts from the industry witnessed the launch ceremony of the one-stop CRO/CDMO platform of HwaGen Pharma, and discussed the future of small molecule innovative drugs. A roundtable discussion was held on the important role of small molecule new drugs in the fight against COVID-19 and how to better attract financing for innovative drug companies under the current situation
Jun, 2022
Evergreen Therapeutics Shortlisted for "Top 100 China Future Healthcare Rankings 2022"
On June 15, the 6th Future Healthcare Top 100 Conference released a series of lists for 2022. This time, Evergreen Therapeutics was successfully awarded the "Top 100 Biomedicine Companies".Evergreen Awarded as "Top 100 Biomedicine Companies" The Future Healthcare Top 100 List was established in 2015. It is the first domestic innovative medical field list for non-listed companies launched by VB100, VBDATA, and Eggshell Research Institute. It aims to select Chinese innovative medical practitioners who truly represent future medical care, discover the core strength of our country's future medical industry, and promote the innovation and transformation process of the healthcare industry. As an international innovative pharmaceutical company founded just over two years ago, E
Feb, 2022
Another Evergreen Me-Only Drug Cleared by the FDA for Phase II Clinical Trial
On February 4, 2022, Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Evergreen Therapeutics" or "Evergreen") announced that an oral drug for the treatment of dry macular degeneration with independent intellectual property rights, EG-301, it’s IND was approved by the US FDA and officially entered the phase II clinical trial. EG-301, part of Evergreen Therapeutic’s ophthalmic pipeline, is an oral medication for the treatment of dry maculopathy in patients over 50 years of age. EG-301 has complete safety data in humans and demonstrated efficacy in animal studies. According to statistics, there were about 100 million people with maculopathy in the world in 2020, of which Dry macular disease (AMD) accounted for about 90% of the total number of patients with maculopathy. There
Dec, 2021
Evergreen Therapeutics was successfully shortlisted for 2021 Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Innovative Seed Enterprises
On December 21, 2021 China Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Investors Conference  was jointly sponsored by the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association, and Hangzhou Investment Promotion Bureau, officially held online. The list of "2021 Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Innovative Seed Enterprises" (CPISE 100) was released for the first time at this conference. The top 100 list is a continuation of the basic research framework of "Innovation 100", focusing on innovative foundation, innovative process, and innovative results. The evaluation system, based on Clarivate Analytics' Derwent patent data and Cortellis competitive intelligence and clinical trial data, selects more than 5,000 domestic
Nov, 2021
Evergreen Therapeutic established Hetao Laboratory
Since the first Hetao International Pharmaceutical Forum was successfully held on May 13, 2021, Dr. Du Tao, chairman of Shenzhen Evergreen Pharmaceutics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Evergreen Pharmaceutics"), as the initiator of the forum, has been paying close attention to the development of Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone. Hetao as shenzhen and Hong Kong "bite" is extremely conducive to Chinese enterprises and international docking. At the same time, the drug audit center will be located here in the future to facilitate the development of innovative pharmaceutical research and development enterprises. Therefore, Dr. Du Tao believes that Evergreen, which has strong ability of drug innovation and development, should enter
Oct, 2021
The First Offline Meeting of Evergreen USA Team was Held to Review Achievements and Look into the Future
On October 18-19, 2021, Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. held its first offline meeting at the US headquarters since the outbreak in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Du Tao, Chairman of the Board, Dr. Du Xin, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Li Changqing, Chief Medical Officer, COO Kevin Wang, CFO Julia Lu, Clinical and preclinical Division Director, senior consultant of the company and former senior FDA officer Dr. Florence Houn and other members of Evergreen's consulting team attended the meeting. Figure 1: The first meeting of Evergreen's team, department directors and consultantsUnder the chairmanship of Dr. Du Xin, the meeting reviewed the excellent achievements of Evergreen pharmaceutical in the past two years; Dr. Li Changqing, chief Medical Officer, made a systematic 29 page.tiao page.pre page 123 page page.go/