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Evergreen’s CEO Dr. David Du attended the 5th Asian Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation Summit as the presenter
Source:Evergreen Therapeutics Date: Apr,2024 Views: 233

Recently, the 5th Asian Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation Summit of CGT Asia 2024 and the 2nd 3D Cell Culture and Organoid R&D Summit of 3DCC were held in Shanghai. This event serves as the premier CGT industry conference in the Asia Pacific region, organized by Taas labs with support from the Shanghai Biomedical Industry Promotion Center and the Skin and Soft Tissue Repair and Reconstruction Technology Branch of the China Medical Biotechnology Association (TCMRR). Simultaneously, at this conference, the "CGT Awards" - a ceremony honoring outstanding achievements in the Asia Pacific Cell and Gene Therapy industry - was also conducted.


The "CGT Awards Asia Pacific Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Star" award is an industry segmentation track selection initiated by Taas labs, aiming to provide strong support for the transformation direction of cell and gene therapy scientific research, promote the improvement of industry research and development strength, and enhance brand influence. The selection went through the primary election of more than 500,000 professionals, the review stage from the technical utility and innovation, market performance (market share), customer evaluation (quality assurance, service process clarity), development space and other dimensions of the comprehensive assessment, and the expert jury nominated and voted for the final 38 winners. Dr. David Du, CEO of Evergreen Therapeutics, as a member of the expert jury and the first presenter of the award, presented the award to the person in charge of the winning company at the ceremony.