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Focus on Unmet Clinical Needs and Achieve Medical Value
Evergreen Therapeutics is an innovative biotech company with end-to-end AI as one of its core technologies
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About Evergreen
Our Vision: To Become One of the Most Dynamic and Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprise in China

Evergreen Therapeutics is a fast-growing international pharmaceutical company with the mission to "focus on unmet clinical needs and achieve medical value". Evergreen's scientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up pharmaceutical product development and commercialization worldwide.

Evergreen has 13 product pipelines and 90 patent cases, of which 15 patent applications have been granted covering major global pharmaceutical markets, including China, United States, Europe, Japan and others. The development of four orphan drug pipelines, currently with no officially approved products, will provide access to treatment for patients with rare diseases, while also generate significant social and economic benefits.

With a focus on the development of innovative drugs in the fields of autoimmunity, tumor immunity, and chronic diseases, Evergreen adheres to a strategy of globalization and differentiation via actively carrying out development of new indications for existing drugs while exploring new targets. Keeping an open mind, Evergreen not only vigorously promotes independent research and development, but also promotes and seeks strategic cooperations and opportunities worldwide. It utilizes first-class technology to develop high-quality products to meet the urgent clinical needs of patients and realize enterprise value for our investors.

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Product Pipeline
R&D and Product Pipeline
Evergreen is simultaneously developing drug candidates for 13 clinical indications; development of these products began in 2013, with the INDs for three clinical conditions officially granted by the FDA between late September and late October 2020.
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Learn more about Evergreen
Evergreen Therapeutics is an innovative biotech company with end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) as the core technology, dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative drugs, as well as clinical research and development and commercialization on a global scale.
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Partnering with Evergreen
Evergreen has a strong pharmaceutical and artificial intelligence technology team

Evergreen has a strong pharmaceutical and artificial intelligence technology team, bringing together top talents in clinical medicine, computing science, chemistry, pharmacology/toxicology, and FDA registration regulations, and has a unique "end-to-end" AI+ quantum computing research and development platform, comprehensive capabilities and professional experience in pharmaceutical regulations and clinics. On the one hand, the company actively engages in the research and development of its own drug pipeline, on the other hand, it provides innovative drug development services and cooperation for pharmaceutical companies with artificial intelligence research and development needs, helps customers and partners to solve the difficulties from drug discovery to clinical process in a "one-stop" manner, and provides flexible and efficient research and development solutions in a targeted way.