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Focus on Unmet Clinical Needs and Achieve Medical Value
A Global Pharmaceutical Innovator Empowered by AI Clinical Technology
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About Evergreen
Bring the power of artificial intelligence to turn the next page of clinical development

Evergreen Therapeutics is an innovative pharmaceutical company empowered by AI clinical expertise. Established in 2019, the company has offices and laboratories in Maryland, Shenzhen, and Yantai. Our experienced management team consists of top talents from multidisciplinary backgrounds including clinical, computational, and regulatory science, which helps to achieve high efficiency in drug development. Evergreen is committed in using AI technology to develop novel drug candidates to suit “unmet medical needs”. Currently, our pipeline consists of 10 programs, five of which have already entered development stage of Phase I to III in the United States. Besides, Evergreen has more than 50 patent applications, covering major global pharmaceutical markets including the United States, Europe, China, and Japan.

Evergreen has established dual-business model which covering in-house pipeline development and new drug development services. On the one hand, Evergreen has been focusing on the development of whole-owned innovative drugs for ophthalmic, autoimmune, and vascular diseases; while for other therapeutic areas, we rely on our own AI technologies and international regulatory service capabilities to help clients to optimize their clinical studies and accelerate clinical development process. It enables Evergreen to provide services on AI-enabled clinical study design and application of FDA’s expedited programs. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and success rate of drug development for the entire pharmaceutical industry.

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Evergreen Therapeutics is currently developing drug candidates for the treatment of a variety of clinical indications, including AMD (age-related macular degeneration, both dry and wet subtypes), endometrial cancer (via immunological mechanisms) and other indications with urgent unmet clinical needs.
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Evergreen Therapeutics is an innovative biotech company with artificial intelligence (AI) as one of its core technologies, dedicated to accelerating the clinical research and development of innovative drugs, as well as commercialization on a global scale.
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Partnering with Evergreen
Collective team with strong pharmaceutical and AI technology background provides efficient solution for our clients

Evergreen has a strong pharmaceutical and artificial intelligence technology team, bringing together top talents in clinical medicine, computing science, chemistry, pharmacology/toxicology, and FDA registration regulations, and has a unique AI research and development platform, comprehensive capabilities and professional experience in pharmaceutical regulations and clinical trial design / management. On the one hand, the company actively engages in the research and development of its own drug pipeline, on the other hand, it provides innovative drug development services and cooperation for pharmaceutical companies with artificial intelligence research and development needs, helps customers and partners to solve the difficulties from drug discovery to clinical process in a "one-stop" manner, and provides flexible and efficient research and development solutions.