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Evergreen builds strategic partnership with leading CDMO BojiMed
Source:Evergreen Therapeutics Date: Jun,2023 Views: 135

June 5, 2023, BojiMed Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300404, hereinafter referred to as "BOJIMED"), a well-established domestic CRO listed company, and Shenzhen Evergreen Therapeutics Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Evergreen") Signing a strategic cooperation agreement , the two parties adhere to the principle of "complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win", use artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out strategic cooperation in the field of clinical trials, and jointly promote the efficient clinical development and commercialization of innovative drugs in multiple disease fields. By complementing each other's strengths and leveraging the advantages of their respective expert teams, AI can be used to solve bottleneck issues that affect drug research and development efficiency and costs in the clinical stage, creating a new benchmark for innovative drug clinical research and development services.


This meeting was chaired by Cao Jin, the chief strategy officer of Tonacea. Wang Tingchun, chairman of BOJIMED, and Tom Du, chairman of Evergreen, had an in-depth and friendly exchange. In the end, the two parties reached a consensus on cooperation matters. Han Yuping, deputy general manager of BOJIMED, Diao Peizhe, senior director of public affairs of Evergreen , Cui Minghan, commercial director, and Cai Wenguang attended the meeting and signing ceremony.



Chairmans of both parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement at BOJIMED's headquarter


As a well-known full-cycle one-stop service CRO in China, after more than 20 years of experience accumulation, BOJIMED has provided more than 2,000 preclinical, clinical, and registered CRO services to pharmaceutical companies. Clinical research has always been one of BOJIMED’s core businesses. First, through clinical research services, we have helped customers obtain more than 80 new drug certificates and more than 100 drug production approval documents.


Evergreen is one of the domestic pioneers in the application of AI technology in clinical research. It is also a "dual-business" innovative pharmaceutical company, that is, the company has its own innovative drug pipeline and also provides AI-enabled clinical research services to the outside world. Evergreen "strictly limits" the research of its "own new drug pipeline" to the fields of ophthalmology, vascular and autoimmune diseases. In other areas of pharmaceutical clinical research, we provide external clinical trial design services, including indication selection, clinical endpoint determination and patient selection. By using its own Insight AI technology platform, clinical trial plans can be made more accurate and efficient, in order to improve the success rate of clinical trials. With the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, domestic innovative pharmaceutical companies are currently moving from early follow-up new drug research and development (following) to the research of new target drugs. Whether these new drugs are First in Class (FIC) or First in Disease (FID), its clinical trials are more challenging and the probability of failure will be higher. The use of AI technology will greatly improve the depth and breadth of clinical design experts' understanding of diseases, drugs and development strategies, which will greatly improve the success rate of clinical research.


Dr. Charles Lee, Chief Medical Officer of Evergreen, said:

“ I believe AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct clinical trials, from identifying potential new drugs to monitoring patient progress. AI can be used to design more efficient and effective clinical trials. For example, AI can be used to select the right patients Conduct trials to determine the optimal dose and schedule of a drug and predict which patients are most likely to benefit from treatment. Artificial intelligence can be used to monitor patient progress during clinical trials and identify any potential side effects or safety issues that may arise. Helping improve the safety and effectiveness of new drugs. Artificial intelligence has the potential to make clinical trials more efficient, effective and safer. This could lead to faster development of new drugs at lower costs. It could also lead to better outcomes for patients.


Evergreen has been focusing on building the clinical research and development advantages of the Insight AI platform, which has been well verified in our self-developed pipeline. Our two AI-designed pipelines have been successfully entered Phase II clinical trials in the United States. We are very pleased to have reached a strategic cooperation with BOJIMED, which is also focusing on the clinical side. By deeply integrating the unique clinical side algorithm of the 'Insight AI' platform with Boji Pharmaceuticals' powerful clinical trial service system and trial experience, It helps to overcome the technical difficulties in the clinical stage of drugs and helps customers improve the efficiency and success rate of clinical development. We look forward to more Me-Only drugs being developed through such a powerful collaboration. "


Dr. Zhu Quan, Deputy General Manager and Chief Medical Officer of BOJIMED, said:

“The 'Miaowu' AI platform developed by Evergreen is groundbreaking work and has been well verified in the design of multiple clinical programs , and has been recognized and approved by the FDA and EMA. In an environment characterized by long development cycles, high costs, and fierce market competition for innovative drugs, the deep integration of excellent clinical research medical teams and artificial intelligence platforms will open a wise door to the clinical research of innovative drugs. Provide innovative thinking methods and decision-making tools based on data in aspects such as clinical development planning for multiple indications of tumors, clinical development strategies for innovative targets with high uncertainty, and clinical development decisions for indications with high failure rates. It will be possible to more accurately discover optimal indications and advantageous target groups, optimize clinical development pathways and trial protocol designs, thereby significantly increasing the probability of successful clinical development of innovative drugs and accelerating the clinical development process. There is bound to be great potential in this field! "


Evergreen and BOJIMED have complementary industrial resources and technological synergy to a large extent. The establishment of a strategic partnership with BOJIMED marks that Evergreen's AI R&D platform has been recognized by clinical CRO listed companies and has been widely used in clinical settings. Combining BOJIMED's one-stop clinical trial resources and Evergreen's AI technology advantages on the clinical side, the two parties will work together to provide safer, more efficient and high-value solutions to global pharmaceutical giants and small and medium-sized biotechnology companies, and jointly open up China's AI empowerment A new era in clinical research.



Boji Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300404 , hereinafter referred to as "BOJIMED") is a company that provides "one-stop" outsourcing services ( CRO+CDMO ) for the entire process of R&D and production of drugs and medical devices to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. ) new high-tech enterprise. The company has 120,000 square meters of modern office, experimental and production space, and currently has more than 1,300 employees . BOJIMED’s services include new drug research and activity screening, pharmaceutical research (raw materials, preparations), drug evaluation (pharmacodynamics, toxicology), integrated services for small molecule innovative drugs, clinical research, and Sino-US dual registration (registration) services), CDMO production (MAH implementation), transformation of technological achievements, etc. , covering all stages of new drug research and development.