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FDA Experts gathered together to have in-depth exchanges in Shanghai
Source:Evergreen Therapeutics Date: Jul,2023 Views: 213

Recently, the FDA Expert Association and Tigermed successfully held a salon with the theme of "Through the Cycle and Watch for Innovation" in Shanghai. Some members of the FDA Expert Association and the expert team from Tigermed gathered together to analyze the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry under the current international situation, and conducted in-depth discussions on how to apply new technologies such as artificial intelligence to empower clinical research.


At the salon event, Dr. He Ruyi, honorary president of the FDA Expert Association and chief scientist of SDIC Innovation, delivered a welcome speech and delivered a keynote speech titled "New Thinking on Clinical Trial Design." Led by Chairman He, the experts expressed their opinions and jointly provided suggestions for China's pharmaceutical innovation and high-quality development. Mr. Wu Hao, Co-President of Tigermed, delivered a special speech on "How an Integrated R&D Service Platform Empowers Pharmaceutical Innovation" and shared Tigermed's successful experience in clinical R&D services in the past few years with the guests. As a senior review officer of the FDA, Dr. Charles Lee, CMO of Evergreen, delivered a keynote report, sharing Evergreen Medicine’s new R&D model that integrates AI technology, regulations and clinical practice, as well as the efficient clinical progress achieved. Professor Yang Jin from China Pharmaceutical University introduced the strategy of balancing success rate and efficiency in exploratory clinical trials.


The guests not only exchanged ideas on efficient clinical strategies for innovative drugs, but also fully expressed their opinions on how to achieve industrial innovation and change. "National Major Talent Project" entrepreneurship instructor Mr. Cao Jin delivered a speech entitled "Biotech CEO The speech "Current Confusions, Challenges, Thinking, and Breakthroughs" interprets the strategic thinking and exploration of domestic leading pharmaceutical companies on the innovation path of the pharmaceutical industry from a high-level perspective. At the meeting, Mr. He Zhi, co-founder of Yidu Cloud , and other experts also shared their experience and relevant knowledge in the industry. Finally, Dr. Tom Du, Chairm of Evergreen and former president of the FDA Expert Association, presided over a roundtable discussion on "Trends, Opportunities, Cooperation". The guests put forward their own suggestions for the development of the pharmaceutical industry under the current new situation.


Members of FDA Expert Association and Guests from the salon


The salon was a complete success in the warm and friendly exchanges between experts. Dr. Li Ning, current president of the FDA Expert Association and CEO of Top Alliance, expressed his gratitude to Tigermed for supporting this event. Dr. David Du, the current Secretary-General of the FDA Expert Association and CEO of Evergreen , and Dr. Zhao Xiaobin , the former Secretary-General and CEO of Haichang Biotech , attended this event.