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Evergreen Therapeutics, Inc. Raised RMB 100 million in Series A Financing to Develop Covid-19 Drugs
Source:Egpharm Date: Mar,2021 Views: 646

On March 15, a fast-growing bio-innovative pharmaceutical company, Shenzhen Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd., announced the completion of RMB 100 million Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Shenzhen Tiantu Capital, Shenzhen Share Capital, and other investment institutions followed. The funds raised will be used to support Evergreen's new drug research and development, including phase II clinical trial of coronavirus pneumonia injection drug EG-009A and the development of other clinical phases and preclinical projects.


 "Shenzhen Evergreen Therapeutics Co., Ltd. received three US FDA clinical approvals in just over a year. Its success is a result of Evergreen’s professional and excellent team, and is also inseparable from the trust and support of investors." Dr. Du Tao, Chairman of Evergreen Therapeutics said, "This financing provides important support for Evergreen’s further development. Evergreen will accelerate the clinical trial of COVID-19 EG-009 series products, advance multiple in-house projects into clinical stage, and at the same time strengthen partnership with domestic and foreign innovative drug companies to continuously optimize R&D pipeline."


Wei Guoxing of Shenzhen Tiantu Capital said: “Evergreen Therapeutics has a highly professional, efficient, and pragmatic team. The strength and speed of product development are obvious to all. We are very optimistic about its international vision and rapid development capabilities. As an investor, we hope to grow together with Evergreen, to provide help if needed. We expect Evergreen Therapeutical to expand its advantage via differentiated development strategy, and develop new drugs that meet clinical needs and benefit patients worldwide." In addition, Huang Fanzhi of Shenzhen Share Capital said he will continue to support Evergreen's development as before.