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Evergreen Therapeutics Shortlisted for "Top 100 China Future Healthcare Rankings 2022"
Source:Evergreen Date: Jun,2022 Views: 409

On June 15, 2022, the 6th Future Healthcare Top 100 Conference released a series of lists for 2022. This year, Evergreen Therapeutics was successfully received the "Top 100 Biomedicine Companies" award.

Evergreen Awarded as "Top 100 Biomedicine Companies"


The "Future Healthcare Top 100 List was established in 2015. It is the first domestic innovative medical field list for non-listed companies launched by VB100, VBDATA, and Eggshell Research Institute. It aims to select innovative Chinese medical practitioners who essentially epresent future medical care, discover the core strength of our country's future medical industry, and promote the innovation and transformation process of the healthcare industry.


As an innovative global pharmaceutical company, Evergreen Therapeutics commits to efficient research and development of drugs for urgent clinical needs, persists to follow the international pathway, and builds up an own-research development model with the core of quantum computing and AI-driven. The team's regulatory and clinical advantages have successfully advanced AI drugs to Phase II clinical trials. Despite being founded just less than three years ago, the company has developed rapidly and been recognized in the industry. "Top 100 Biomedicine Companies" is Evergreen Therapeutics’ second award bestowed by a medical and health authority after the "Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Innovative Seed Enterprises" which was awarded to them the previous year.