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Oct, 2021
Urgent Breakthrough Needed for the Treatment of Covid-19, Evergreen Offers New Anti-Inflammatory Treatment Approach
During China’s October National Day, news of Merck’s investigational oral pill (Molnupiravir) for treating Covid-19 was received with great excitement and many questions: is a special drug finally born? Will the treatment of Covid-19 be similar to that for the common cold? Will the new drug become the panacea in ending the Covid-19 pandemic? However, shortly thereafter, reports from India indicated that the drug has “no significant efficacy” for patients with moderate Covid-19 symptoms, making it difficult at this time to determine the efficacy of Molnupiravir for treating Covid-19. We at Evergreen are not surprised; as we understand it, according to the 10 technical pathways of vaccine development and 10 EUA products approved by the FDA, every aspect of the fight against SARS-CoV-2 h
Sep, 2021
What is the secret of Evergreen Therapeutics? Only two years after the Company’s founding, it is directly challenging current "standard of care” treatments for advanced endometrial cancer
Dr.Charles Lee, CMO of EvergreenDr. Li Changqing, CMO of Evergreen Therapeutics (“Evergreen” or the “Company”) shared his excitement on the very intuitive demonstration of the efficacy of the EG-007 combination: “Simply comparing the size of tumor residual in the same animal trial, the average tumor weight after dual-drug treatment was approximately 730 mg, while after our three-drug regimen it was just over 300 mg.”EG-007 was the first drug candidate Dr. Li led after joining Evergreen. In mid-July this year, Dr. Li assumed position of Evergreen CMO. Subsequently in August, after two pre-IND meetings, the FDA approved the Phase III pivotal clinical trial protocol of EG-007 in combination with targeted drugs and anti-PD-1 antibody analogs for the treatment of advanced endometrial cancer. No